For Jeff

I had a friend in high school named Jeff Freeman. He was a sweet boy I’d known for years. We were in school together K-12, I think. We rode the bus
together and our families swam at the same pool in the summertime. As with
so many of these childhood friendships, I hadn’t kept in touch with Jeff

after high school. I recently learned that Jeff committed suicide on August 17, 2007. I am saddened … because of his journey of suffering and because of his family’s suffering … and because I didn’t know.

But now I do know.

Jeff’s little sister, Kyle, is embarking upon a journey of her own. If you
have a few moments, read about her journey here:

Kyle’s Letter

This summer, she plans to participate in the American Society for Suicide
Prevention’s “Out of the Darkness” 18 mile fundraising walk. Kyle’s story of
Jeff’s journey and her own journey in and out of depression is not unusual.
I told Kyle that I would share her story. For Jeff. For Kyle. For those who
suffer from depression and bi-polar disorder.

This is a really sweet story of a little sister who loved her big brother.
And it’s a story of a young woman’s journey to find strength to live and
thrive. If the story touches you at all and you’d like to help Kyle and
others who are touched by suicide, her letter has a link to donate. No
pressure. Just thought I’d let you know, in case you’re interested.

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