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What does the new healthcare bill mean for you?

What does the new healthcare bill mean for you? This is an interesting little calculator on the Washington Post web site that offers customized information regarding the impact of the healthcare bill. It asks five questions: 1. Do you have … Continue reading

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Women’s Rights: Both Metric & Source for Global Improvement

Women’s Rights: Both Metric & Source for Global Improvement I’m going to ask a favor of you. Please set aside everything you’ve ever thought about Hillary Rodham Clinton and her husband. It would be easy to let previous conceptions cloud … Continue reading


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A Decision

Image via Wikipedia Some stories just need to be told backwards … because telling them frontwards is too difficult. This is going to be a little like telling you the punchline to a joke before telling you the joke (except … Continue reading

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If you are living suburban family life, you won’t regret watching this video … especially if you love folk music and excellent female voices. I’d have posted this on Valentine’s Day, if I’d known about Lori McKenna then. Watch it!

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