What does the new healthcare bill mean for you?

What does the new healthcare bill mean for you?

This is an interesting little calculator on the Washington Post web site that offers customized information regarding the impact of the healthcare bill. It asks five questions:

1. Do you have health insurance?

2. If so, through whom: employer, Medicaid, Medicare, individual insurance, COBRA?

3. How many people are in your household?

4. What is your annual income?

5. What is your marital status?

Based upon your answers for each of these questions, this little engine generates comments regarding how your insurance, your costs, and your taxes will be impacted by the new law.

I found it interesting to use it for my own family, as well as to enter various scenarios.  For example, I checked out how it will impact my parents who are about to enter retirement. I also entered information for my grandmother who is widowed and has been on Medicare for some time. I entered some hypothetical too, just to see what the impact would be for other situations.

I hope you might find this interesting as well. And for those who are concerned about this, the site does not appear to record any personal data nor save any data. I felt very comfortable popping lots of scenarios into the calculator, just to see what came up.

[Thanks to Rob Moll at www.robmoll.com for the link. Check out his blog and his book coming out in June.]

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