Are women changing the world?

Are women changing the world?

I found this blog post by acquaintance and neighbor, Shayne Klopfenstein Moore, thought-provoking. Take a look and see what you think.

Are women changing the world today? If so, how? Are they being recognized for their contributions? Does it matter? Are they being invited to the collaboration table, or is there a glass ceiling in evangelical communities that relegates women to places of quiet service?

Or, perhaps, are women too busy changing the world to contribute to collaboration? If this is the case, is that troublesome, or is it just the nature of things and not worth messing with?

Personally, I believe women are changing the world — in their homes, in their schools and their children’s schools, in their churches, and in their places of work. They are changing hearts and minds and building structures that help and heal.

Collaborating toward changing the world is important. We all serve the Kingdom better when we work alongside one another. Do women need to make time to be at the collaboration table? Or do they need to start by being sure they are invited to be present?

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