Stars & Dots

Hello, dear friends, and happy new year! Sometimes, in the middle of the depths of Winter, I am looking for enjoyable activities to do with my children. I imagine this is true for you as well. I have the perfect idea for you this week: a sweet, little play with music at Arena Theater at Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL.
Many of you know Mark Lewis. He is a Hawthorne and Franklin Dad and also the Director of Wheaton’s Arena Theater. He has been working on a special project based upon the book, You Are Special by Max Lucado. The play is less than an hour and there will be several shows this week: some afternoons, an evening, and Saturday during the day.
Mark and his students intend the play for an elementary school audience, but I know for sure that parents and children of all ages will love it! Check out these two pages. Jen Grant is a Longfellow Mom and a writer. She put some info about the play on her web site:
Jen Grant’s Love You More Blog:
The Wheaton students also set up a Facebook event for the production, so check that out too.
Facebook Event:
Tickets are $3 or $10 for a family. If you’d like tickets, just e-mail to reserve yours.

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