On Saying Goodbye

Jason Good is a writer and comedian. I know him primarily through his blog: www.jasongood.net. Hilarious stuff, especially for parents. I think Andrew Unger introduced me to it years ago.

Here, Jason shares the intimate moments surrounding his father’s death. For me, these moments are poignant partly because Jason is clear that he doesn’t believe in God or heaven, the assumption being that his father simply ceased to exist. It’s interesting to see these moments from a view of life and reality that is so different than my own.

That said, Jason loved his father, who has left a legacy of a loving, connected family. These intimate moments are a glimpse along the path each of us will walk. With our grand-parents. With our parents. With a spouse. Or a friend. Or even with a child. These moments are not part of our daily existence. I find it helpful to peek into Jason’s experience and prepare myself for these moments in my own life.

Enjoy Jason’s post, and check out his other, more amusing posts as well.

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