On the Children Who Are Almost Grown & Their Mamas Too

These summer days after the oldest’s high school graduation are strange ones. He is gone much of the time: job hunting, hanging with friends. We get a taste of the months and years to come as he gradually exits the nest. 

And yet, there are so many ways that I find myself still necessary, perhaps even more so than ever, in ways that seem daunting and life-impacting. My dear friend, and our church Deacon, Mary Baker, mentioned to me today that many people don’t recognize how much time and energy older children, even adult children, still require. Amen to that!
I came across this lovely piece, written to the Mamas, those who have birthed and raised and taught and nurtured and disciplined and loved. Those who are learning what it is to let go. Here is one of my favorite lines. I hope you enjoy the full article as well.

“We were in charge of turning small, totally dependent fledgling people into fully independent functioning humans–and we are almost to our goal! We are doing this thing, mamas!”

And to my own Austin: I love you, son. I’ve told you this so many times, with different numbers: You’ve never been 18 before, and I’ve never been the mother of an 18 year old before. We’ll have to figure this out together.


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