Great Teachers

Have you ever known a great teacher? You probably have. Perhaps she was your teacher. Perhaps he was your child’s teacher. You know it when you see it. But can you describe it? And can our school systems replicate it? Can our school systems teach teachers how to be great teachers? Is that even possible? Or is it really about selecting candidates who will be great teachers?

If your child has a great teacher right now, this year, let that teacher know. Knowing that someone has noticed matters. And let his or her principal know so it’s clear that parents are paying attention. A great principal knows who his or her great teachers are, but it’s important for the principal to be aware that parents see a teacher’s strengths too.

District 200’s “Distinguished Teacher” nominations are happening right now. I’m thinking of nominating one of our children’s teachers. It will take me a bit of time to complete the form to nominate her. But I think I’ll do it. She’ll appreciate it. Our principal will appreciate it. And it is one tiny way of acknowledging how generations of students are impacted by one person who takes the time to do her job with excellence.

Thank you, JH. I am so grateful for what you are building in my son.

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