Tumblog Organization?

Having researched blog hosts, I decided upon Tumblr. There are other good ones out there. I considered WordPress & Blogger & Blogspot. Tumblr seemed to have the simplicity and pre-formatted-ness that I was looking for. And it doesn’t hurt that I can easily post from my iPhone.

So, today I’m thinking about blog organization. How often will I post? Will I organize my topics or just post whatever is on my mind? Will I carry themes from week to week? Will I keep track of posting ideas?

And then, I ask myself, if I’m going to be organized about this, what will be my methods? Should I keep a text doc with a list of ideas? How about a spreadsheet? I wonder if there are applications out there that can help me with organizing? And, of course, I wonder if that’s just too much organizing for a simple tumblog?

Because that’s what I want this to be — a tumblog. A gathering of my disparate thoughts into a place where I can toss things around and ponder them. I think I understand (I’m just beginning to understand) that I have chosen a host that does not offer the opportunity for readers to comment. That’s ok with me. I’m posting these on Twitter and Facebook, so if you read this, you’re welcome to comment in that way. So, perhaps this becomes a conversation. I’m fine with that too. I like conversations.

So, should my tumblog of thoughts, my scrapbook of experiences and ponderings, have any sense of organization? Knowing myself and how I function best, I think it likely will. But that will need to evolve and emerge.

For today, I discovered the concept of a blog’s Editorial Calendar:


This web site appears to be talking about blogging for an organization, but I think many of the principles are applicable even to me. What have I done with this information today? I’m tossing around possible topical themes. And I’ve created a second Google Calendar overlaying my personal calendar: JLKM Editorial Calendar. For now, I’ve just put topics for each day of the week.

I’m not sure if this will stick. I’ll have to see if it’s useful or if it’s too much of a burden. I’ll keep evaluating. A tool is only useful if it helps you accomplish something. Let’s see if this one does.

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